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Do I have enough time to step up to the mark????

Hi everyone,

I am just on the last week of C25K and I have been invited by a friend to go into a half marathon in October.

This has daunted me but I would welcome any advice as to whether this is too soon or whether it's a sensible time frame?

If it is, does anyone know of a tried and tested training programme?

Any help would be gratefully received :-)

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It is definitely do-able, and of course you dont have to run all the way either!

_ Runners world training plans, there is a 10 week one I think hope this link works

and many use Jeff Galloways plans


Hi Deryn61,

Thank you for that.

I'll take a look at those.

Cheers :-)


and there's me worrying about 10k!


I'm planning to do the BUPA half marathon in Birmingham in October and I'm going to use the half-marathon plan here as a guideline:

I won't be following it exactly - my Tuesday and Thursday runs will depend on what is going on at running club. As I have more than 8 weeks to go, I'm planning to follow the last few weeks of their 10k plan before that - it works out well in theory as I have a 10k race planned for 26 August.

I'm having various health issues at the moment (but got a hospital referral for 20 Sep, hurrah!) so my contingency plan, if I find it too difficult, will definitely be the Jeff Galloway method - I'm loving his Marathon book. His ideas make a lot of sense and the books are well written with lots of tips about motivation, nutrition etc

Good luck ! I'm sure you'll be fine :-)


Thanks guys.

Looks like I have some homework to do !!

Thanks for all your comments, it's nice to know you're all there :-)


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