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While doing W7R3 did an extra bit to 5k

Last week there was a organised 10K run using part of my running route and they had helpfully put up distance signs.

Well I thought since I had already run just about 4k another k wouldn't hurt so I carried on to the 5K marker. Took 36 minutes but felt ok.

Really surprised myself so have done a couple more 5k runs since using W9 podcast.

Should I go back and do W8 or do I just carry and try to speed up a bit and graduate?

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You've done week 8 really, haven't you ? I'd just carry on with Week 9, I think.

Well done, I expect the marker signs were quite motivational - it's nice to have a visible target to aim for.


depends why you started c25k really. If your aim was to run for 30 minutes, which was what the programme promised to get you to, then you have done it. 30 minutes is, after all, the minimum recommended daily exercise for health and fitness, so well done :) However, if your plan was to push yourself into getting fitter and feel better about yourself then you can graduate when you've achieved your goal. Personally, I could run 2 miles when I started but wanted to do 3 (5k) and always failed on the last mile. I can now do 5k but it takes me 38 minutes and 10 of those are the warm up and cool down walks. At this pace I won't reach 5k in 30 minutes so I'll graduate when I've finished week 9 and then just carry on until I can do the distance in a faster time. Enjoy your running :)


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