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Did you manage 5k in 30min on W9R3? What % do? Does it matter?


Just completed W8R2 today. I am 'miles' off achieving 5k, even if I was only running for 28 minutes! I just wondered how many people actually do get to 5k in 9 weeks? I wonder whether to try to up my pace but am scared stiff that I will mess up and not be able to finish the run.

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I graduated at the end of July and have just managed my first 5k this evening (in 39 minutes)...

I would say try not to worry too much about the distance at this stage and concentrate on completing your runs, you can work on pace after you graduate.



The short answer is no. I managed 5K in 50 minutes on W9,R2, although I hadn't set out to run 5K. I felt good after 30 mins so I just kept going. :) I don't think many people manage 5K in 30 mins by the end of 9 weeks (most of us start at zero fitness, so that would be a big ask). The point is to run for 30 minutes continuously by the end of the programme, and you're well on your way to doing that. :) I wouldn't try going any faster (save that challenge for after you graduate!) as wearing yourself out won't make you feel as good as reaching 30 minutes at your own pace.


I'm saying exactly what Legion says. I'm doing just over 5K now but not in 30 minutes. It's all about being able to run for 30 minutes so just carry on as you are and. above all, don't worry!


I did get under the 30min for a couple of runs in week 9, and my pb of 5.02km in 28:27 was done as my first post-graduation run - BUT I really pushed myself hard (I thought I might die!) and I've not done 5k that fast since, as I've been working on other aspects of my running.


Ha! No way! I'm working on it, but on my week 9 run 3 graduation run I only covered 3.46km, which is pathetic, really! However, as many people have said, the point is to learn to run for 30 minutes, which I have done, and you will too. My plan now is to go and do a 5k run v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y so that I know what I am working towards.

Keep going - you're nearly there now :)


I had made 5k by the end of week 9 but it was quite hard work!

My PB for 5K now, a year after I started is still no better than 27.50, but hoping to get it down to under 27 by the end of 2012! Working on speed/intervals now!


I only reached 5k by running through my warm-up and cool-down walks but I was so pleased that I could keep going for the required time, I didn't mind that it took longer than 30 minutes. Since I graduated I use the speed podcast which makes me run intervals and I just carry on at the end of the podcast until I've done 5k. I'm so pleased that I can do 5k with sprints in it! That gives me the confidence to know I'm not going to wear myself out going too fast at the start. Just concentrate on keeping going for the length of the podcast and worry about speed later :)


You get 3 graduations if you're slow (like me!) 30 mins (the real one), 5k and then 5k in 30 mins. Still working on no 3. :-)


Thankyou to all of you who have replied to my question. I will now be happy enough if I manage to graduate with 30 minutes of running. Best wishes to you all.

haha no i covered i would say 4.2 k or somewhere within the 30 min on graduation - i have not achieved it yet. I ran parkrun for the first time recently and it was the first time i covered 5k, usually i runby my watch (or rather the podcasts) and i stop after 30 min, i never had the motivation to really push myself to cover the whole 5k.

I managed to complete it ran it all but took 35.31 which wasnt a a bad time, i was quite pleased as if i had ran my 'usual' pace it should have taken nearer 37 min. its something to aim for. I dont recall seing posts from anyone on here who managed to achieve the full 5k in time for graduation (though apologies of anyone has!)

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