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First Parkrun in a while - I survived :-)

Bushy Parkrun: 835/839 took me 45:04 (annoying 5 seconds!) 5 min warm up walk followed by run 1 walk 1 intervals all the way round.

This was my 12th parkrun .. I've missed 4 due to nursing a calf injury. Seems I've lost a bit of fitness but I can get that back again. My first was on 31/03/12 and took me 53:30. This was before I started C25K but after a year of 5k dog walks 4 times a week (they used to take over an hour plus time for a coffee break in the middle).

My calf has healed enough that it doesn't mind me running, it just insists that I do no more than 5 min before I take a walking break by tightening up alarmingly. At least it has the grace to warn me now before going ping and it doesn't seem to object to multiple intervals.

I'm going to stick to intervals for the next month to build my calf up again and gradually extend my actual running time. I did W5r1 ( run5 walk3) x3 relatively straight forwardly.

Any comments about my plan (each run will also have the normal warm ups and cool downs):

5(r4w2) 4(r5w3) 8(r3w1) 6(r4w2) 5(r5w3) 9(r3w1) 7(r4w2) 10(r3w1) 7(r4w2) 6(r5w3) 5(r6w3) 4(r7w3) 4(r8w4)

If I survive this I'll try the 20 min run and then extend it by 2 min each subsequent run

until I hit 30min. I'll do three of those and then claim my Grad badge. Its not strict Laura but I think it will count.

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Interval running sounds good for your injury, perhaps thats what i should be doing instead of doing 3 short runs this week. I pulled my calf muscle last sund and did my first run today. You're plan sounds good, sensible :)


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