Shin splints?

Morning all.

So I ran a 10K two weeks ago, and then nothing until parkrun yesterday morning. I (regrettably, now) ran through a pain in my upper shin/lower knee yesterday but now it is giving me a lot of pain. Does this sound like shin splints? It's only in one leg and most painful about two inches below the bottom of my knee cap.

Injury couch for me I think! I also get bad blisters on the balls of my feet again yesterday. Sick of getting pains whenever I run at the moment. Feeling like I almost need to go back to square one with running and rebuild my running form from the start. Bit down about it all really.

Happy running, for those who can!


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7 Replies

  • That does sound like it could be shin splints, although I'm no expert (obviously!) Usual stuff, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Don't run again until it's gone, shin splints can hang around for yonks if you don't let them heal. How are your shoes? Mine was caused by running in ordinary trainers, might be worth getting your gait analysed?

  • Thanks for the advice Curlygurly. I've had my gait analysed before and am now on my 2nd pair of (expensive!) trainers. Honestly of the opinion now that the problem is not my trainers but simply the pretty poor way in which I run (over pronating, feet flailing all over the place, weak glutes) which can't be corrected with trainers, as much as I'd like it to!

    Once my shin is better I am going to work on my glutes strength A LOT. Squats, squats, squats!!!

    Thanks again :)

  • Hi Sarah, sorry to hear about your shins. I've not had problems with my shins so I can 't really comment on what it could be, but if you read my recent posts you will see that I too have had problems with my form recently. I seemed to peak when I did the Great Bristol 10k, running up to 12k soon after. But I then started getting niggles in my hip and just generally struggling with some of my runs. I have since taken a short run break and dropped back to shorter runs whilst putting more emphasis on my strength and flexibility exercises. I think that maybe I had got a bit complacent and was upping my distance without making sure that I also worked on my strength. My glutes, in particular, needed working on! Today, was a good run day(!!) and I feel as though I am getting stronger again. The heat certainly doesn't help and I long for the return of cool breezy days, if I'm honest.

    I would say, rest up well with your shin and I hope you get some good advice here on what might help. But remember too, that as runners we do get peaks and troughs in our performance - you will get back to where you were, I am sure, but maybe listen to what your body is telling you. Take care and I hope you're back out there soon🙂. x

  • Thanks so much for the advice, Sandra! Take care too x

  • Sarah, as you know with running, aches & pains come and go, take it very easy for a while and and see if the pain goes away and build up running gradually. Friend of mine had shin splints and came back too early, and in the end had to take the full time off which was about 2 months, so I really hope it's not shin splints, as on average it takes 7 weeks to recover from..😊

  • Thank you, Dave! Eep, 7 weeks! I hope not!


    But you may have already seen this..

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