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Reached 5k *whoop*!

Today was my first run after graduating the 9 week programme on Thursday, so I plugged in my iPod, and for the first time did my run without Laura. I had the usual highs and lows - the yapping dog, the Field of Hayfever, Short Run of Shame (on the main road going up a hill), Flagging corner - about 20 mins in when I want to give up and then when I got to my usual 28 min point, I decided to carry on down the hill to see if I could do it and yes I could! I did! I went for just under 36 mins and did 5km! Am so thrilled! This programme has been amazing. I found that 1 min run in week 1 so hard to do, yet have just ran for 35mins just a few months later. stick at it everyone - if I can do it - then anyone can do it as I am the ultimate couch potato!

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Well done, I took (and still take!) a lot longer to do 5k, that is brilliant :-)


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