Graduates still not reaching 5k?

Graduated a few weeks back and have to say I'm finding it harder and harder -still (weather permitting) trying to get out 3times a week , but struggling with 25-30 mins and at best reaching 4k and least 3k.

Is anyone else finding the runs after graduation worse and not seeing much progress?

I have been a bit easy on myself though , as not really the time of year to beat myself up about it - at least I'm out in the wind and rain trying , and set up a new plan for the new year to keep me going to that magical 5k.


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  • Ahaaaaa! I too have suffered this plight! Fear not RR, for it is a case of mind over matter that will bring you to a better place. After graduating in JUNE this year, I managed three runs per week but then I got injured. Then took time away.....started again....then more iinjuries. So a testing time for me, I can tell you.

    What I have done is this. I've tried various ways to keep my brain ocuppied whilst running - used music, then comedy podcasts, even a gardeners Question Time on one run (which was weird?)...... but I went back to Laura. I've started with WEEK 7, then onto WEEK 8 and I've done this to get some structure to my running. It's sooo hard and I totally get your difficulties, but don't give up. If you don't fancy Laura leading you by the hand, then try running stark NAKED! Yes....(I mean your ears...not actually not wearing clothes...) Try a run with NO earphones. Just listen to your breathing, the traffic, the birds, the Police siren chasing crims in your area.....THAT can work.

    Above all.....try and keep at it. It's easy to start C25K and graduate. But its harder to continue running. Think how good it is for your body and organd and general health. THAT really, is what it's all about - not beating times or achieving PB's... just keeping your blood flowing through your veins.

    God, don't I go on?!

  • Thanks -totally makes sense -I have never had a naked run so to speak as thought it would be harder but might give it a go. Know it's totally mind over matter but perhaps my mind is too messy with christmas to get I the right place.

  • A lot of Graduates say they don't quite nail the 5k/30mins. I run at about 1km/10mins. I am very slowly speeding up though! I usually run IRO 6km, always more than 5km. Just keep on getting out there and I'm sure it will come.


  • I think we all want too much too soon . I'm guilty of this too , some of us are newly graduated & we can't expect to be zooming to 5ks when just weeks ago some of us couldn't even run for a bus ! I think we are all doing bloody great & we will all get there . 2014 will soon be upon us & we will reach our goals if we put in the work & remember Rome wasn't built in a day . Happy running everybody .

  • You've just hit the nail on the head with 'if we put the work in'.

    There's no quick fix but worth persevering!

    I can't wait to get rid of 2013 - it's been a ghastly year. But new beginning with 2014 and positive thoughts!

    I am seriously contemplating a Christmas Day Park Run. I don't see how else I can fit in any runs next week.

  • It's a tough time of year to keep running. To be honest, I failed this time last year. This year I am a bit more determined to keep going, especially as I have spent the last couple of months working my way through c25k again. I am finally running 5K (but it's not easy!) in about 40 minutes. Next year I'd like to work towards 10K (as well as improving my 5K pace) but at the moment I'm just trying to keep the momentum going so I don't lose the fitness I've gained.

    I don't think you should ask too much of yourself when just getting out the door in this weather is a monumental achievement. Increasing your distance or time can come later, just work on 'maintenance' for now, so you don't put yourself off altogether. Just getting out there regularly is something to feel good about. Have a great Christmas and let's all hope for an early arrival of spring. ;-)

  • I can't really add much more to the wonderful answers you already have, but just to say I will possibly never reach 5k in 30 mins, these older legs can only go just so fast but I do reach at least 5k every time I go out for a run, sometimes this is a straight run but taking 40 odd mins and sometimes I can do a run walk run the whole distance or run as far as I think I can then run walk to point being it doesn't really matter how you get there sometimes you just need to arrive at that distance to stop it being such an obstacle. A lot of runners that run much longer distances still don't run the whole way they take walk breaks even if it's just at aid stations so don't beat yourself up your doing amazing things to improve your health and I for one am proud of you

  • Well said mummysarus .

  • I'll happily add here that I've never achieved the magic 5K in 30 minutes. On a good day I hit about 36 minutes! But I've stopped aiming for it. I'm now (not sure if I've mentioned - haha) doing the Rat race next year so in training to run 13 miles with 150 obstacles - and I'm now at a point where I can run for over an hour. It only hit me the other week - that's an awesome achievement, and has totally surpassed any need I have now to hit 5k in 30 minutes. I run what I run. The fact that I'm running is enough. I can run for an hour. And maybe if I keep going (once I get over this little social life blip!) I'll work my way up to running for two hours! The 5k 30 minutes is a guide. The fact that your running for 30 minutes is a damn sight more then most people manage! Happy running! xx

  • Hey I have Ben experiencing the same issues and was beating myself up about. I wanted to run 5k without stopping, I have now only managed to run 5k in about 37mins. After reading the comments I think I am being hard on myself unnecessarily and now stop focusing on the carrot of 5K in 30mins but the fact I am out there running for 40 mins where as I couldn't even run for a min. Bring on the Christmas morning run!!!! Happy Christmas everyone and keep running.

  • I guess I was one of the lucky ones as I was running 5Kms in just over 24 mins by the end of the nine weeks - but I am 6' 3" with long legs! then after graduating I didn't run as much and almost stopped - it was finally deciding to sign up for a half marathon that got me back running again, running three times a week with an ever increasing longer run on Sundays, now considering a short Sunday run to be 10k, but if the weather allows I've been running the 13.1 miles as often as I can. Just to mess things up - I've stubbed my little toe on a computer server - silly me! - and am hobbling about - so no running at all this week....

    Have you thought about a Park Run, running with others is good fun and a bit of an incentive to go a little bit faster.

  • Hi I graduated in June and haven't got any faster. I made a decision to run 5kms a week rather than 30 mins as was going slower and slower! I lost my mojo a little while ago and changed my route which made a huge difference. I also changed the music I listened to (hits 1980-84)and I daydream about my youth which seems to make the legs pump a bit steadily. As they say, you're faster than the person on the sofa! ; )

  • I am another one, struggling with iron issues but 5km seems In The distance. I go out three times a week and feel proud and pleased with myself. I count myself as a runner even though I am not up to some standards. I know I am thought of as a runner by everyone on here and that's all that matters to me. I will get there but in my own time and when I do I will be shouting about it here. We all will progress, that's what running constantly will do for all of us. It will never matter how long it takes us.

  • Really glad you posted. It was good to read all the responses. I have only recently started reaching 4K & sometimes when I read the magnificent runs others are doing I forget that this is an achievement for me. Let's all keep at it. We are doing well.

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