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Long 'en

I graduated last week, (I think), so this week I had a free week,no pressure fun runs - because i can. On Monday I treated myself to some intervals, ran 1k fast without music, which was hard, then did half wk1 podcast, sprints/walking. Postman must have thought I was mental. Then today I just set off running, did my normal route, kept going, found a new route to add on. Just got in and I did 6k in just over 1 hour. 5k in 59:11. Its not that fast yet but it is the first time I have ever run over 3k. I am so proud of myself I finally feel Like i deserve my graduation treat today, just got to decide what it is.

thank-you everyone.

You give me the power and determination to keep with this x

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Wow ..well done ...grit and determination get more respect than speed in my world


Keeping going for an hour is great stamina, brilliant work.


That is wonderful progress, well done.


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