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How long does it take to run 5K?

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Hi Everyone,

I graduated a week or so ago but although I am running 30 mins non-stop, I am nor running 5k. I think its more like 3k. This isn't a problem for me because I feel great and I know I can eventually run 5k. Today I ran for about 38 minutes.

My question is ... if I run about 3km in 30 minutes ... how long do you think it should take to run 5k? About 50 minutes? Is that OK? It doesn't seem very fast but I am more interested in distance than speed.

Any advice gratefully received! 🏃‍♀️

20 Replies
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If you run 3k in 30 minutes then you are running at a pace of 10mins/k, which would mean, as you suggest, that if you maintain that pace for 50 mins then you will cover 5k.

Only a small proportion of graduates from this forum who responded to a poll, managed 5k in 30 minutes by graduation

Graduation requirements are that you complete three thirty minute runs, regardless of distance.

Your pace is your pace and that is brilliant. Some will be faster, others will be slower, but you should be proud of your achievement and don't compare to anyone but your former non running self.

To build your stamina and endurance you need to run at an easy conversational pace, faster is not more effective.

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KathBilsGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you! I sort of knew this but it feels good to hear it.

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Well Done. You are correct if you are running at the same pace. However, to run 5km in 30 mins your pace has to be faster at least 6 mins per km. Its not worth it to increase pace, you might get yourself injured. Have you consider registering for local Parkrun, that way you can run 5k at your own pace.

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well done on graduating 👏🏻 You’re doing amazingly well running for 38 mins - it took me a few weeks of running for 30 mins before trying to increase my time as I just didn’t have it in me to run for longer - but slowly I am building up to running for 60 mins (currently on 50 mins) following the magic plan and I’m not really bothered how far I get at the moment - I just want to be able to run for longer. Good luck on your next stage of your running journey 🤗👍🏻

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KathBilsGraduate in reply to Dendev75

Thank you! What's the magic plan?

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to KathBils

You might benefit from reading the guide to post C25k running which gives advice on ways forward.

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to KathBils

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to KathBils

there are two versions of an 8 week plan; either a distance plan or time plan. I’m currently doing the time plan so it’s similar to the couch to 5k plan. It’s working too - I didn’t think I’d get past 35 mins or 5k of running but I managed 50 mins and just over 7k last week sticking rigidly to the timed plan - good luck.

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As just a matter of interest KathBils, you ask "How long does it take to run a 5K" that's a very good answer from IannodaTruffe, he is an expert on this forum, the World Record for running a 5K (5000 metres) is 12:35:36 by Ugandan Joshua Chepegel in Monoco on 9th July this year.

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It takes as long as you like KathBils . Very few people can run 5k on graduation despite the c25k title. I managed 4k in 30 minutes but everyone is different and gender and age also play a part. At parkrun people run 5k in any time between 16 minutes and an hour. I love the saying “5k is still 5k however long it takes.

If you add the Strava app to a mobile phone, and start it when you start running, you will be able to check what you are achieving.

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Love it!! Just enjoy the feeling of running and enjoying it because that's everything. Keep steady and building because all else comes from consistency and enjoyment 😊 Always finish line not finish time!

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KathBilsGraduate in reply to GTFC

oh nice! I love that.

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As others have said above graduation is about running 30min. They should really rename it Coach to 30mins.

On increasing distance after the graduation run make sure you dont increase by more than 10% a week.

The JoJo magic plan as mentioned above is a good for increasing distance. I used this to transition to 10k

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It takes as long as it takes. What's right for one wouldn't be right for another.

As regards to the Magic Plan, if you want to try it, I'd suggest you try the time-based variant first.

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Hi KathBils, we were about your pace and our first 5k took 52 minutes boy were we proud. I have since run 5k in 40 minutes but mostly it’s somewhere in between, so as everyone says, run your run and it takes as long as it takes. The most important thing is to enjoy 😊

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Hi Kathbils

I started in April and predicted a time of 45 minutes for my first actual 5k at the finish of C25K. I decided to have a go at Parkrun and finished in just over 40 minutes which was a huge surprise and attributed to an adrenaline rush! But the runners pull you round. An experienced pace runner this weekend gave some massive words of encouragement. She said that at this stage of running ie 5 months in if I just stuck with the routine continued improvement will come. I am now down to 38 minutes. I did a form of Ju-Ju 60 minute plan too because as you say time exercising is probably the most important aspect of improvement, but I will stick to 3 times a week plus the occasional Parkrun for the first year. But I'm itching to run every day! Good luck.

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50 mins is fine, just keep going at your own pace, eventually, with regular running you will get faster but that doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy it. You could also go to parkrun on a Saturday morning for a 5 k run.

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Echoing what everyone has said! I’ve gone through C25k twice, and used the Magic Plan to reach 10k. I did the timed first (recommended for slower runners), and then the distance.

I would suggest you download the Nike Run Club app (free!) for their guided runs. There’s a variety of runs: distance and timed, and coaches. They all emphasis the importance of effort over pace…so we’re not alone here in singing the praises about “easy conversational pace”, it’s the way to go for regular training/running.

I’m a similar pace to you…I run about 3k in 30 minutes…I can hold a conversation, and I’m enjoying my runs. It took me about 4 weeks of the Plan to reach 5k…I may have run for slightly longer than the 50 minutes 😉

Embrace your inner snail and happy running! 🐌🏃🏻‍♀️😄

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Oh, I absolutely love ''embrace your inner snail' 😀

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You could go to parkrun and do 40 minutes then walk the rest. You will not be breaking the "10% rule." It will be great to just find out how far 5K is and you will realise you will be able to run all of it in a few weeks time, after you have gradually increased your "long" run each week. Don't push yourself too much - that is a sure way to injury. Don't worry that you will be near the back - the tailwalker always finishes behind the last participants, plus you will always be ahead if those people stuck on the couch (or in bed on Saturday morning!) It's great fun.

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