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Week 10. Done. 3x5k = Knackered

Monday = 40:18

Wednesday = 39:23

Friday = 39:53

All the runs included a 5 minute walking warm up, so I have gone form running 30 minutes to approximately 35 minutes.

Next week, I shall run 3x5k again, but take the 5 minute warm up out, which should mean my time would be around 37 minutes. (2 minutes away from my 5k goal of 35.)

But first, a weekend off! :-)

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WOW, well done you!


Hey I am doing much the same as you, but still have not been able to reduce my times to anything less than 35 mins after 2 months, but not getting too worried about it.

The fact we are both running 3 times a week says were both keeping fit.

Good luck with trying to reduce the time.


Amen to that. It's a hard slog and I haven't factored in hills etc as yet either, so I know that It's going to be hard - but those are the challenges that keep us going.


May I ask why you are removing the warm-up? Do you have a cool-down? Everything that I have read about exercise states that we should warm-up before and cool-down after exercise for 3-5 minutes. Even when I watch track and field events on TV, those athletes are doing various warm-up exercise before they start their events, and walk around and stretch afterwards.


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