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Yay the gremlin left!!

So to recap - I am on week 8 run 2 and everything had gone swimmingly until Monday when I had my first fail. I felt really out of sorts and could only run 22ish minutes before giving up. I put it down to the bad gremlin who sits on my shoulder saying negative things to me and I felt really upset that I hadn't finished.

After some great advice from you lovely people, today I managed to finish my run of 28 minutes and felt great! I did a few things differently and they really helped.

Usually I set my alarm for 6ish, get up and go out for my run. Today I got up, had a cup of tea, lots of water, a small banana and went out at 9am. I did a different route as I wondered if I was finding the running relentless due to boredom and chose a nice flat route as my regular one is a bit more uphill at the end. The only downside was it was sooo windy! I did miss my 10 minute and 20 minute markers but I enjoyed a change of scenery and would definitely recommend a change of route.

Thanks so much for the advice the other day, it really helped me. This forum is just the best!

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So pleased that your run went well, and sometimes just changing your run time or route can make a big difference; these a great tips for everyone.

It's also amazing what a banana can do ;)

Good luck with run 3 :)


Thanks so much TJ!


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