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Wk3R3 - Much better than Monday

just a quick note to say today was a much better day - not so much aching and both 3 min runs completed on time (as opposed to early!) - mainly thanks to better PMA brought about by reading the great blogs on here - you are all fantastic!! I am going to do another Wk3 run on Friday - to finish the week on a high - I hope! - and because wk 4 looks a little daunting and that sort of works better on a Monday ;-) Happy running and blogging everyone :-)

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That's fantastic! You must be proud of yourself :-)

This programme really works :-)


thanks for this- your blog is one of the ones that improves my PMA - thanks ever so for posting! :-)


No worries.... And thank you!

This site is just amazing and the love and encouragement is fantastic!

Good luck with W4. You can do it - just remember to take your time and it is definately a case of mind over matter. :-)


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