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Running, the Jeff Galloway method

Jeff Galloway is a well-known runner and author who promotes a running program that I believe C25K got its principles. He advocates running injury free until you are 100 (I guess after that there are no guarantees). I have read a couple of other community members mention they've purchased his book. Here is a link to his site: If you click the Resources link you will be able to read many of his previous articles and tips.

For those who are interested in increasing their speed, I previously posted a link to 5 Tips provided by him. Here it is:

Jeff lives locally in my area, and is co-sponsoring a 5K Corporate run/walk with Kaiser-Permanente Healthcare in September. This will be the first time I plan to run the entire distance in one of these types of events (I have previously done the Bay to Breakers Fun Run in San Francisco, but walked) The cool thing is that it provides an 8 week training program to get prepared. The training starts this coming Saturday. Perfect timing for me, because I just completed C25K yesterday.

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You need to stop putting a full stop (period) after your link, 'cos it treats it as part of the URL and it doesn't work. Could you edit, please?


Thanks for the heads up; change made. This is the only site that I've posted on that doesn't know how to recognize that a period (or a comma) at the end of a URL isn't a part of it. There are standard naming conventions for web addresses, and this blog should update its text recognition settings to adhere to them.


Maybe a note to the admins? But in the meantime... ;-)


Thanks for this link. I've been running to w9 with Laura since I graduated 2 weeks ago but maybe now is the time to mix it up a little. Lots of ideas on this site. Happy running :-)


I hope that it's helpful. I will give an update after I attend the first training session this weekend.


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