Couch to 5K

Galloway Run-Walk method - anyone had experience of it?

In a recent post didntrunthat posted a link about half marathon training from runners world.

They have just introduced a new 'Get you round' training programme, details given here:

I think it looks really good and actually achievable for a slow plodder like me :)

The thought of going out and running for hours non stop is just not even worth considering but running and walking like Lauras intervals?? Hmmm

Anyone come across it before? I would worry that I would be terribly slow but they say not. that walking actually makes you run faster..

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A large group from running club ran/walked the Leeds half marathon in just over 2 and a half hours recently,(I'm told this is good timing), they've advised me to do the same when I do my first 10k this month, as I'm unable to run too far with my ever increasing list of ailments at the moment and therefore can't train properly for it. :(

It is highly recommended by all accounts and that's apparently how loads of people run do full marathons


Humm...... Looks interesting, could be a way of upping milage without too much pressure -I'm going to read up about this later


I think that looks really interesting...i have also heard that a walk interval enables you to go faster during the run interval...Will have a go when I'm back from groin strain ! :)


This looks really interesting. Just been to to find out more.

What I've read there really rings true to me.I'm on week 6 of c25k but have 11 parkruns under my belt using prety much exactly this strategy. My slowest Parkrun was 53:30 min which was almost all walking. My PB of 41:41 was done with 70s run/50s walking intervals. I had dismissed all thoughts/dreams of a marathon but perhaps in May 2014 who knows ..


I feel the same. I have never even contemplated more than 5k but who knows. Going to give it a try I think...the local half marathon is later this year so perhaps if I enter it this will spur me on?


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