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Plan vs reality!

No blog for a while due to end of term chaos followed by a week's holiday so here is the story so far:

With my Race for Life rapidly approaching i decided to squeeze weeks 7 - 9 into running every other day rather than 3 runs per week. I calculated that this would mean that my graduation run would be Race for Life on Sunday 15 July. What I had not planned for was the complete chaos at the end of term which meant that i did W7R1 and then nothing until last Tuesday when we were on holiday in Jersey. I thought I would carry on and do W7R2 only to find that my Ipod had deleted W7 it so I did W8R1 instead. I then managed to get a blister walking the mile and a half back from the swimming pool with the boys and did not run for the rest of the week.

Got home from holidays at 3am on Sunday morning and due to do Race for Life at 11am on Sunday (was it really only yesterday!) Dragged hubby and the boys out of bed and off to Taunton Racecourse, major traffic delays getting in meant that race was delayed for 20 minutes. Weather threatening to rain but it didn't in the end, nice and cool. Good Zumba warmup (thought for a horrible moment that I had pulled a muscle with too much wiggling around in the warmup but the adrenalin soon took care of that!) Set off with W9 on my Ipod but actually I don't remember hearing most of it although it was handy to hear Laura giving me time checks every so often. Unfortunately due to flooding on the planned course we stayed on the race course and did 2 loops of the track rather than leaving the site and going out into the country. Thought I was running out of energy at one point as I had not managed to have a proper breakfast due to empty fridge on return from holiday and boys requesting bacon rolls when we reached the racecourse thus using all the money I had packed! But just reading the signs on peoples' backs was enough to give me a kick up the backside and I kept going. Managed to run the whole way with a time in the region of 35 minutes 45s (only realised at the end that I was just playing the podcast not using it via the fitness app so no record of time or distance) - very happy with that! Now going to go back and complete weeks 7-9, then probably a ParkRun once a month. At Race for Life yesterday someone mentioned doing a 10k so, depending on when the bridge to 10k comes out, I may follow a 10k plan after that. But no point making too many plans as undoubtedly life will get in the way again!

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Wow! Reading what you battled on through there makes me realise I never have an excuse not to run! Congratulations on the 5K.


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