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Post Grad Run 1: First 5k

Ran my first 5k this morning by using the Nike+ Running app. Completed in 40 mins 19 secs, which included a 5 minute warm up walk.

I'll continue to do the same runs this week, but will take out the 5 minute warm up next week, so hopefully I can get close to the 35 minute mark, which was my original goal.

My average pace was around the 12 minute per mile mark, so it looks like I've imrpoved a little through Weeks 8 & 9 of C25K to this point.

I won't lie, it's hard work, although I find it much easier to control my breathing and pace in the wind and rain. Random.

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Well done you. Such a great achievement to do your first 5k. Your time will come down the more time for my first 5k was just over 39 mins so I don't think what you've done is to shoddy...You should be proud!


Thanks Ali. At 24 st 6 lb, I am definitely proud of my efforts so far. Hopefully there's more to come!




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