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We did it!!

This morning the boyf and I finally finished the programme after lots of false starts! He has a dodgy knee and I have a problem with a pulled muscle in my ribs so we have started and had to stop so many times - but today we finally did it. My rib went at about six minutes in so it was a long and painful 24 minutes but I was determined not to stop.

Feeling of elation when I finished slightly overshadowed by rib muscle going into spasm :-/ but I am DONE.

I am also going to the doctor this week I think :( Sick of my stupid ribs. I have just taken a week off running and it didn't make any difference, in fact I think it was worse than before.

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Yay for completing, boo for your ribs :(

Get yourself to the doctor to get it looked at and then crack on with the running pain free!


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