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I have a 5k time!

So it's been 2 weeks since my last run as I went away on a school residential and am in the final few weeks of term. I knew that this morning's Race for Life Worthing would be a test, not only of me but of the programme. And do you know what...? It works. My last run was week 7 run 3 a fortnight ago. I ran 3.5km then and didn't believe I could do this.

This morning I ran 5km without stopping (which is a miracle in itself) but I did it in 36:18mins! I am gobsmacked, amazed, proud and grateful. I probably could have done it without the programme but the truth is that I wouldn't have.

But this is just the beginning. I now plan to run 5k every week, 3x a week in good weeks and then bridge it to 10k for the Chestnut run in Littlehampton in October!

Cheers Laura and all the team - I owe you one!!

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That's fantastic and a really good time as well. Are you going to finish the programme now? Well done again and I hope in a few weeks time that I'll be able to say I ran 5k without stopping!


What a great effort... Yes the program is wonderful. The motivation and inspiration are what we all need to get off the couch! Well done to you.


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