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I heart week 6!

I heart week 6!

Just finished run 3 of week 6. Am amazed that I managed it and had extra in the tank at the end (unfortunately it means I could have gone faster - next week!) I ran up the hill back to my house thanks to my elation.

I thought week 6 was going to be awful - but no. Run 1 was ok - there's something odd about coming 'down' after run 3 of week five that I had trouble with mentally - but other than that fine. Run 2 I absolutely loved. I saw the three minute walk in the middle as a 'free bonus' and meant I was fired up for the second run. Actually enjoyed it.

Today was great - a real achievement. I started out worried that I wasn't going to manage it (poor diet and not enough good rest) but set my mind to it and hey ho! Once I hit the halfway point I knew I would finish it. Biggest problem was not having planned my route properly - so it meant I didn't know where it would end - meaning that mentally I was possibly going to have to run forever! But no.. at last I got the 'cool down' instruction

Am now heading off to McDonalds to meet my family for breakfast! A really bad bad treat!

Happy running chums!


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Starting W6 tomorrow evening - thank you for this encouragement, and I might factor in a MaccieDee's for supper!


I'm also on week 6 and found run 1 quite difficult. My legs were like lead and didn't want to run! Run 2 tomorrow after working nights tonight so I'm hoping I can have a decent sleep beforehand. I'm already worrying about run 3 even though I promised myself that I wouldn't. Oh well, keep calm and carry on running!!!


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