Things I learned from week 6.

1.  25 minutes is a long time to run. 

2. Mumbling "gremlins" is an effective way of banishing negative thoughts (although I did look a bit strange...).

3. Laughing out loud is the only appropriate response when Laura chirps in at 60 seconds to go with the immortal words "pick up the pace and finish on a high". I was focusing on finishing without having a heart attack. 

4.  A crimson face takes quite a while to calm down- not a good work look! 

5. I am officially...a runner!!! If Laura said it, then it surely must be true. 

Good luck all you fellow runners, whatever week you are on!


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17 Replies

  • Smashed it out of the park - well done Celt :D  Is wk 6 three lots of 25 minute runs?  How much funnier would it be if Laura said "you have 60 seconds left, try not to puke, cry or pass out"!

  • Thanks! Week 6 is three different runs but once you hit run 3 it's no more intervals and you run for 25 minutes. Then week 7 more 25 minute runs leading up to week9 30 minutes! Eek! It'll be fine....gulp. 

  • well done you that's brilliant I am on week three and from where I am now to week 6 and 25 mins running sounds like a long steep climb !!!

    the joy of this forum is that you have done the same programme and got there showing actual proof that it works :-)


  • You'll definitely get there- just persevere. I could barely get through the one minute runs in week 1! Good luck. 

  • Well done celtprof. I always enjoy your posts as you're one of my cohort. Just one run ahead of me. I have to say I'm slightly daunted by the 25 minutes and the end of the intervals. Just back from W6R2 myself.

  • Well done on run 2! I won't lie, I found run 3 the hardest yet but if you dig really deep, you'll do it. All the prep until this point is what will get you there. It was a mental and physical challenge but now I'm reflecting on it, I feel great. The middle section (14 to 20 mins) was the hardest as it was tough but not close enough to the end to inspire me! Focus on breathing and get your feet into a steady rhythm, however slow, and you'll finish I, I promise. 

  • Thank you! Having other people at the same sort of place as me is sooo helpful.

    It's definitely a mental thing. I find it easiest if I just sort of zone out and stop struggling. As soon as I start thinking "I must get over there" or "how am I going to cross the road that's 100m away?" Or "where's Laura's time check?" it all becomes much more difficult. Running is teaching me patience and acceptance. Like a zen thing. I might start reading my husband's Buddhism books 😉

    Did I have another 5 minutes in my legs today? Eh... probably.

  • Love this post, made me laugh :)

  • 3 is spot on. that is my top priority in all my runs

  • Yes, a motto to run by in my book. Finish, no matter what! We can worry about pace etc when we've conquered the 30 minute runs a few times, I reckon. 

  • Hi there...runner!!! It is a great feeling... did you whoop or cheer or yell, "Yeah" like some of us did/do???

    I think lots of us have empathised with number 3... the finish on a high thing... I used to say, " ...Easy for you to say Laura, you're in my pocket" ! :)

    Go you!

  • I definitely did a little whoop but as I had no lung capacity left I think it was a silent one! Very much hoping that the 25 minute runs over the next week (7) become a little more manageable! 

  • They will be fine🙂

  • Well done Celtprof yes 25 mins is quite some time and I to appear to look like a beetroot at the end of my 25 mins but we have done it and that's the best part,like you when Laura says only 60'seconds left maybe pick up the pace, my first thought is "don't think so just tell me I have finished at this pace, thank you very much"😃

  • Glad it's not just me! I am rewarding myself at the moment for my efforts....🍷

  • Hi Celt, I just ran W6 R3 as well and I agree with you, I felt like I was going to die when she said "pick up the pace and finish on a high". I think I was doing everything to stop myself wobbling over, walking and landing in a heap. My face is still bright red and hasn't recovered at all!

  • Well done for getting through it!

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