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C25K W8R3

That's me done for a week. Completed week 8 and set myself a challenge to keep going at the 30 minute mark and run until the treadmill said I had run 5k. My 5min warm up took me 0.5k so I knew that I had to keep going until the mileometer said 5.5. I managed it in 32 mins 5 seconds. Chuffed with myself but half dead. A week on a sun lounger now to recover then see how long it takes me to get back to this level and do week 9. My week 8 was a 28 min run, 30 min run then finally today's 32 min run. Progressing a bit too fast and that probably explains the fatigue. The jeans I bought two months ago that wouldnt go over my thighs however now fit and I can wear them on my holidays. Job (nearly) done!

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Well done! I'll bet that if you are even able to get some walking in while you are on holiday, you can pick right up with week 9. You won't lose much, if any, in a week. (I'm pretty sure of this because at the end of week 8 is where I had to take some time to re-coup the knee.) You're already beyond where you needed to be...just plan on the 30 minutes first outing are running strong....32 minute 5K indeed!


Thanks for the encouragement - onwards and upwards!


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