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Quads spasms and droopy drawers

This evening I did W6R1 and while doing my cool down walk at the end my left quads started to painfully spasm. An hour and a half later and it still doing it and it takes my breath away. I did long stretches on my return but this is the 1st time I've experienced this. Any ideas or tips of why it happened and what I can do to help it?

Apart from this it was a pain in the butt run as my now too big trousers were constantly threatening to leave me resulting in me pulling them up every few steps. Then one of my ear buds kept coming or. Honestly it was like something out of a Carry On film!

And the music!! Oh dear that's the worst yet!

Roll on Saturday for my next (hopefully uneventful run)

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Quad spasms will be darn painful cos thats a big muscle area, does it feel like cramp, if so you shlould try putting salt back into your body. Bag salted crisps and a long drink of fruit juice is a quick easy fix. The other fix I know of is tonic water with quinine (Britvic contains it). But keep toppping up the fluids (water and or herbal T etc)

Baggy pants = shopping trip, if you have a Sports Direct close by they have good ones not too expensive, also Lidl have running gear on offer just now. You've got as far as week 6 so you deserve to treat yourself.

Ear phones, it was funny reading your blog because I was having the same problem, when I get hot I get very hot, I sweat something terrible even my ears which was resulting in my ear bud always falling out (Only wear one so I can hear whats going on around me). I just had delivered from Amazon a new pair of Philips Action Fit, they clip over the ear. So off I went this morning to give my new ear buds or should I say bud (other tucked into belt pouch with Ipod) their first outing run. It was smashing, bit of a faff getting it on my ear to start with, then it didn't budge not even once. £14.97 from Amazon only draw back is they are bright red, gents which is bigger comes in black but don't know how much they were.

Hope the pain settles down and hope some of this reply is helpful to you.


This article addresses night time leg cramps... ...but much of the information also relates to leg cramps in general.

It sounds to me like those are "OMG what are you doing to me!" leg known as overuse cramps. As soon as you stop running the tired muscle spasms. Hurts like (insert your own expletive here)! Those will get better as your conditioning improves. I'm a firm believer in hydration...water, water, water. If you can, try a few leg strengthening exercises on your rest day, but DON'T overdo it.

lol at the droopy drawers...I'm running in my old (VERY old) cycling shorts, but lycra was never meant to stretch like this and whatever it is that makes them cling is slowly fading away, and they are beginning to make each run a little dicey.

Good luck and good running!


Thank you both for your advice and comments. It is beginning to subside but every now and again takes me by surprise. I have drank my body weight in water this evening as I am a firm believer in the wonders of water. Will def follow that link and act on it. And a trip for new trousers before Saturday in order methinks!

Thanks again, I love this blogging because not only is it a great encouragement tool and support, but really good for when we have issues we are not sure about.


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