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Should have been week 5

Gutted, as the title says I should be starting week 5 this week but due to time constraints I haven't got out this week (and the really early mornings aren't fitting in with my working week too well.

But....... I'm not giving up on this I've looked into getting a treadmill so I can run anytime (can't always get to run outside), question is tho are the non electric treadmills any good? I don't have the space for a non collapsible one and don't want to fork out too much on something that's going to be used as a back up. Any thoughts?

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I had a non electronic treadmill years ago and it was horrid, i was alot fitter in those days but even so it took all my energy just to walk on the thing. They may have improved over the years as i am talking ten years ago but would strongly recommend that you go to a shop where you can try one out before you spend the money.


Good point it might be worth trying it out or even paying that bit extra to get a one that I would enjoy using thx :)


I agree ladybugw, ours was a struggle, forever having to adjust tension etc. Looked into an electronic option sometime ago but decided against as sometimes their sheer weight limits where in house they can go safely. I'd thought a gym in the loft was for me then.


It would need to be light enough for me to move around a lot as where I'll be keeping it isn't where I'd be using it, back to checking my options again lol


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