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Go Greece Lightning- not me!

Have not recorded my runs since graduating, as have struggled with my knee again, i think it could be down to playing badminton. Anyway have had some good runs and some bad. Tonight I went out to see if my knee is ok as i have my race for life on Sunday.

I decided to put my i-pod onto shuffle songs, and soon realised greece lightning is far too fast for my little legs to keep up with!

I ran 3.89km along the flat seafront, now sitting with ice on my knee.

Looking forward to the race on Sunday but not the hills(that i still can't run up).

Good luck to everyone else running their race for life this weekend.

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I had great fun compling a running playlist and used it the other day. Bit of a shock - some tracks were terrible to run to. I'm Still Standing by Elton John worked though.

Well done on the run with a knee playing up.


Hmmm...I'm going out with my own music for the first time tomorrow - I'm only on week 7, but I can't bear listening to the podcast twice more, so have put some random stuff on the shuffle. Not even actually sure what it is, cd1 of a compilation is all I know. Will see if it reduces me from tortoise to snail or acts as a turbocharger (unlikely)!


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