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Omg that was soooo hard... Don't think I'm ready for week 3!

So, after the triumph of the urban run on Sunday today was back to the programme. Week 2 run 3.

I wasn't really in the right frame of mind I guess, I still had a few aches and pains from the obstacles on Sunday (weirdly the worst one being stomach muscles, it seems there are some hidden under the fat!) but I persevered and got ready to run straight after work.

Now the first 2 runs this week had been surprisingly good (although I feel like I cheated on the second one as the treadmill seemed so much easier than outdoors) so I was really shocked to be struggling right from the first excruciating 90 seconds.

I hadnt run his route before but I'm sure you can imagine my horror when a mountain appeared in my path just as the 4th run started (ok so maybe it was just a small hill but believe me my legs thought it was a mountain!) unfortunately it was just too much for me and I stopped about 10 seconds before Laura said to walk ( don't tell her!!)

Anyway I got my breathe back and continued but really struggled with the next runs but just about made it, I was so happy to be on my 5 minute cool down, but then I heard Laura say " and now its time for you final 90 seconds" WHAT???????? I thought I had finished, how's that for torture? I carried on as best as I could but it really killed me...

Think I might need to try this one again before I move to week 3 (on my regular flattish route) but don't worry guys I'm not throwing in the towel just yet! It just may take me longer than anticipated x

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(don't tell her!!) ha ha! made me laugh :)

My last week 2 run was a complete struggle, i had no idea how I would manage week 3. But first run of week 3 was ok, have the second one tomorrow - woo hoo! loving this running thing.


Hang in there! I'd try R1W3 on your regular route and see how it goes. If not well then there's no shame in repeating a run or a whole week. Took me 5 months to graduate for various reasons. Around here there are lots of hills and I became very good at planning my route so I wouldn't have to run up any of them. I felt it was more important to finish the programme than to be a purist! Unfortunately this got harder as the runs got longer :-( Now post-graduation I feel I have no excuses so I am trying to make myself run up the hills - and it's still torture - but at least I get to run down the other side :-)


If you did the week, then try the next, you may be surprised at how well your body remembers the work you have already put in. A lot of this programme is mental strength as well as physical, and you have already proved you have that.

Trust the plan and Laura, ( sorry if that sound a bit Yoda ish!)


Please dont give up. I have just strated W4 and I am going to repeat it because I am finding it very hard but I am 6 stones over weight so no surprise there.


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