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3rd run of the week

Oh this just gets better and better today I ran for 4 miles in a time of 35.46, that is 6.44 km so I only have to get up to another 2.21 miles and I will be running 10km. I had begun to worry that perhaps 10km in september would be too much, but I fee I can do it. No marathons for me though if I can run 10km 3 times a week or even 2x10k and 1x5k that will do me, keeps me fit, healthy and off the fags lol :) Oh by the way I can highly recommend the nike sportsband it is excellent, no more driving in my car to clock how many miles lol. It is great once you callibrate it, it tells youa ll you need to know, distance calories etc, best money I have spent in ages :)

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I am aiming for the same thing as you 3*10k would do me. I started using a fitbit and I walked for hours. I needed to to put the time in to get my weight down and try to get a small amount of fitness. I thought if I could run it I could do the same amount in half the time. It seems to be working.

Keep up the good work hope I can get to 4 miles soon.

Cheers Steve


Hi Steve since stopping smoking 4 weeks ago I put on a stone despite running. I joined slimming world 2 weeks ago and have lost 6.5lbs alreadys so half way there. I feel with adding a bit extra each week last week I ran 3.5miles this week I will do another 4 miles each time then add on another .25 the week after and so on. This seems to be working for me, good luck with your training. This site is tremendous isnt it, great support network


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