Landing on your heal?

Hi, I'm about to start week 5 and have just discovered this site. I've been following Laura's podcasts and she advises on week 2 to land on your heal. However, I have since been advised that can lead to injury and when I started C25k the first time, in Feb I injured my achilles tendon and was out for 3 months. JUst wondered what other people think of have been told?



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  • I've read round this a lot as well, and I think unless you are a natural heel striker (which I don't think I am) it isn't a particularly good idea and very hard on the achilles, etc - which is why for barefoot running, etc you have to strike with your forefoot . I've decided to just run the way that I naturally run, rather than force myself into a gait that doesn't feel right and might lead to injury.

  • Thank you for your reply, what you say makes sense. I'll run how I feel suits me best, I really want to avoid another injury.

  • I'm so glad to read this. I just started week 2 and when I followed Laura's advice my legs hurt so much more. I think I'll stick with my 'natural run' in future and maybe get my gait analysed/get some running advice a bit further down the line.

  • All the reading I did around the time I started running said that heel striking wasn't a good idea! I naturally land sort of midfoot anyway and have never really understood why Laura says to do land on the heel?? There are many many different points of view on the best way to land...I would stick with what comes naturally as long as it isn't causing you problems.


  • Interesting, I've just finished week 2 when Laura suggests heel striking & have had a vague ache in the back of my ankle, might try the forefoot approach after reading these comments.

  • Yep, there is some interesting thoughts in a recent edition of Womens Running magazine about barefoot running if anyones interested. I think the key is to be cautious of taking too much advice on consciously changing your gait. I agree that a natural running style has to be better that trying to adopt a new one, especially being new to running. I guess the podcast points it out to make sure people arent slamming too hard down on flat feet, but i have always come down about mid/outside of my foot.

  • Hi

    I would recommend looking at Chi Running by Danny Dryer, it seems to make sense to me and has helped me to prevent back pain, and runing seems less effort - there is a book and a website and numerous videos on YouTube. I also did a days workshop which was quite expensive (c£100) but I figured that I hadn't spent anything on running other than on trainers...compared to classes/gym which over 5 months (the time I have been running) would have been much more ££. The workshop was enjoyable and I think has helped me. See what you think

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