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Crashed, but still finished

Yay! W2R3 done, even though I tripped and took quite a nasty fall - blood dripping off my hand and knee for the last two runs, but those endorphins must be doing me good cos I still love C25K! I hope my knee won't hold me back for the next run.

This time I'm in the UK for a few days for work (I live in a hilly bit of France) and it's the first time I've run on the flat - whew, it was great! Miss the dogs though.

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Ouch. I hope the cuts aren't too bad now they have cleaned up.


Poor you, I have a fear of that happening to me. Hopefully some the more experienced runners on here may have a nifty suggestion for your knee that will help it not stiffen up too much.

Enjoy the flat while you can, I sometimes wish I lived somewhere flat, Lincolnshire would be lovely!


Ouch suki, that sounds painful. Well done for getting up and completing your run. :) I've just done my first run of week 2, and boy was it tough. Do you always run outside? I didn't realise you were in France (usually). Which bit of the UK are you visiting?


Oh, sorry to hear about your fall, but aren't endorphins GREAT?! LOL

Hope your knee and hand heal quickly (but they DO draw your attention away from everything else for the time being, don't they?) Make sure you clean it out well and then let air to it as much as should heal up pretty quickly.

Better (!) luck with your running....keep up the good work!


Ouch, ouch ouch!


Thanks everyone! The gashes are quite impressive now, hahaha! However, I can't wait to get back out running, I think I've caught the bug... Legion, I'm in Bedford for a few days - lovely running along the river, so beautiful. I never realised Bedford was so picturesque, and there were a couple of other very sweet runners who smiled back at me with 'runner's camaraderie' and I felt very proud to be becoming one of them. I'm a musician and have a few weeks of a tour coming up, so I'm steeling myself to run in strange city centres rather than having nice woods and parks to run in. Ooo-er, possibly embarrassing and a bit scary.


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