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wk 7 and only long runs left

So over the next three weeks I've got to do 9 runs and build up to 30 mins- no pressure then! I've decided to try just two runs a week from now on, because I'm 61 and want to leave something in the tank for my swimming, swissball class, weights and resistance work, to say nothing of dogwalking, housework, etc! It's a great programme and I'm enjoying the challenge and I shall be really pleased when I get to the stage where I can go out for a 30 minute run if I feel like it- if I ever do get to that stage!

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Twice a week is plenty, I think, with everything else you have going on. I tried to hang tough with 3 times a week, but I'm paying now with sore knees. Going to lay off until Monday and see how they feel then...(I'm up to

We have to listen to our body once in a while I guess.

Good running to you!


thanks grammadog. I tell everyone else to make the programme work for them but don't take my own advice :) I'm not bothered about doing more than 5k but it would be good to feel I could do that if I wanted to.


Good idea. I am 56 and also have suffered with very bad knees if I try and run too often. So bad that I can hardly get out of the chair or up the stairs. I leave at least 2 days between runs and am going to try the Galloway run-walk programme which you might find suits y ou. See my other post for details - it is under questions, or google it.

You will definitely get there :)


Wow, you really have a lot of energy. I only do this and after seven weeks I'm finding it takes all my strength left over from work.Of course, I'm only a slip of a girl at 51! I suppose we're building up our stamina and resistance so maybe in the future it will be easier. For now I think I'm going to have a couple of days off between runs more often than not - we'll see. However long it takes it'll be great to be able to run regularly for 30 minutes, and, who knows, maybe more?

Good luck with week 7!


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