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Was into the city for lunch with some friends today and popped into Sports Direct for a wee browse. Was looking for a rucksack cos I had jogged down to the gym the other day and my poor back really felt the strain while my old rucksack bumped and bobbed about. Sports Direct have yet another sale on (whats new) but got a real bargain. Karrimor girlie pink and grey rucksack which has back padding, front clasp to keep the shoulder staps pulled in also the all immortant waist strap. for the huge price of £16.99 reduced from £39.99 whats more if you bought 2 you got the 2 for £20 = £10 each. My chum says Oh I want one too so we picked up two for £20. Now thats the sort of bargain I really like. :) Will have to jog to the gym tomorrow to test drve it. :)

If anyone needs jogging stuff and has a branch near them find the time to go in, you will not manage to come out empty handed I suspect.

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Oh, how I love a bargain. Unfortunately, this shop is just too far away from me, but I will vicariously enjoy the coup you just made. Enjoy your gym visit in style.


i love a bargain too. i'm looking for a backpack so may have to pay a visit at the weekend (tomorrow evening ruled out as will be watching the tennis...go Andy!)


Oh, I got their pink and black Karrimor running belt for £4.99 in the sale - waterproof pocket for phone, separate compartment for other stuff. Fits snugs around the waist and you are not even aware it is there. No more phone in bra, inhaler in bra, key in sock scenario for me.


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