Life changing !!

Life changing !!

I am 6 stones over weight and have been feeling quite upset about the weight since last 1-2 months. I found cto5k programme 2 weeks back and I feel over the moon since then. Today I have completed week 3 run 2 and I feel so pleased with myself! Finally I have found something which has given me so much hope and belief that I am going to get fitter/healthier in my life.

I have also registered for age concern 5k for 4th August, I know I may not be able to run 5 k in 4 weeks but atleast I have signed up for something which I would have never considered without this programme.

I just want to say a big thank you to Laura and all those amazing online community people for being so inspirational !! I would not have taken this step without you.


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  • Whoo- hoo! I'm starting to know how you feel! Just completed Run 1 and I'm feeling quite proud of myself! You've done week 3! I think that is really great, very inspirational for us at the beginning! Lovely photo, by the way.

  • Thank you- I was not sure whether to upload the picture or not but I think it's more personal that way. Anyway, well done for completing run 1.

  • Wonderful blog! Great progress completing week 3 run 2. Keep blogging so we can support you onward and upwards!

  • Good for you! Since starting the c25k programme and doing all the running I've lost ten pounds! I'm now on week 7 and have never felt fitter. Good luck with your journey.

  • Well done, how is week 3? I've just done wk 2 run 2, the thought of running for 3 minutes is quite daunting!!!!!

  • Hi Nicolaclaire- Wk3 is really easy- I think the key is you do it really slowly. I went slightly faster yesterday and had stomach cramps but on monday it went really well when I jogged slowly.

  • This program is very encouraging, and will gain more self-confidence with each session. I just finished Wk 7, and have lost almost 14 pounds (1 stone) since I started. Stay in touch with this community, because you will get wonderful support and advice to help you reach your goals.

    Please note that running will improve your fitness and stamina, but that alone will not result in significant weight loss. You must have a well-balanced and thought out eating plan, and perform strength building exercises. The NHS website has some very good information on this, and suggest that you check it out.

  • Wow- another amazing weight loss story. I have joined WW 2 weeks back so hopefully those portions will be in control:-)

  • Hi, well done I was also 6 stone overweight when I started having never really done much exercise. I have completed week 9, still running and am now only 3 and a half stone overweight. Can't recommend this programme enough.

    PS: You look fab on your photo and will look even fabber when you post the next one in 9 weeks time.

    Good Luck

  • Thanks Tefal. Really pleased to hear about your weight loss, I have also joined the weight watchers programme so hopefully the weight loss will happen eventually.

  • Welcome to the community - this is really a fantastic way to feel fitter and healthier. I started seven weeks ago and it goes by so fast. I had never run before and now run for 25 minutes. When I started I was doing WW too but at home without going to meetings etc. I followed it closely and started this and lost about 8.5 pounds in the first 3 weeks. Then I felt I needed to eat more to keep running. I tend to eat more healthily - goodbye crisps! Now my weight hasn't changed much more but I've lost 4-5 cms off my hips and waist - and above all, I feel so well!

    Good luck with the plan and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

  • 8.5 pounds in 3 weeks is fabulous. I lost 5 pounds in first week, none in second and I will know whats happened in third week this tuesday. I have real issue with portion size so I think I am going to continue WW meetings for a while.

  • Well done Devanski. I need to lose 5-6 stone too (hadn't thought about it till now), most of which I put on over the last 3 years, and was still rising. I've just completed week 1 and hope to reverse that trend and start losing weight instead. I've found starting c25k and my desire to become a 'runner' is making healthy eating really appealing. myfitnesspal is also a fantastic resourse which I saw people mention on here and I'm using that to keep my calorie intake in check. It really does feel as though this programme (along with this brilliant and supportive community) will be life changing indeed. :)

  • Legion- I know what you mean. I used to do lots of excercise before starting the programme but was not really watching the food so I did not loose any weight, infact I put on a stone from last May but now with WW and this programme everything will change:-)

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