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It's hard to shuffle when there's not much air!

Just done W5R2 and it was definately a mental battle to keep going on the second lot of 8 mins. It feels so airless in the UK at the minute, the weather will just not break...

I was surprised at how quickly the first lot of 8 minutes passed, but starting again after the recovery time was SO HARD!!

Now I am on a treadmill in my garage at the minute (I am working on my confidence to get out and about) and the 'old me' would have just stopped it thinking I couldn't do it, and got off and plopped my ample derriere back on the couch - not today... today I fought the mental battle and I WON!!

RAAAARRRR - roll on W5R3 :)

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Well done to you, I think the mental struggle is sometimes so much harder than the physical.

I found running outside has a very different feel than the treadmill, why don't you just 'do it'! and try one easy run out? I do it at 5am, less people about and it feels as if the world belongs to you. :-) :-)

Regardless, you are doing fantastic, I'll keep my eyes peeled and ears covered for your roar after the next one!! You are going to feel a million dollars!


LOL thank you - I do aim to 'go public' soon but wanted to get the dreaded W5R3 out the way 1st :) There is a pathway around a local reservoir which is about 5k (I think) and I want to have a bash at that, but due to the storm last week they have closed it while they clear all the debris away. However, I am determined to get out there!!


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