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W2 More of a Shuffle Than a Run

Ok so I have never been a runner but I want to be. :) I'm 49 and definitely out of shape. Made it through W1 and am on W2 day 2. I would say I am really VERY SLOWLY jogging rather than running, an almost shuffle. LOL My question is: do any of you experience this and if you do, do you stay on week 1 until you can truly say you are running or do you forge ahead and keep building on the progress and idea that you indeed did complete the day?

I assume my pace will get stronger and better as I progress but as I keep increasing the time I'm not sure I will ever get off shuffle!

Also, do any of you do other activity on your off days?

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I'm still shuffling at week 7! My plan is to speed up once I've got to being able to keep running for 30 minutes. I'm up to 25 minutes now (though have to admit it isn't easy at all - no way would I be here by now if I'd tried to speed up - I suspect I'd have either given up because it was exhausting, or because I'd injured myself by overdoing it).

I had hoped I'd be a bit faster by now, but sadly, not yet! However, I am getting out and being active, which is much better than sitting down all evening, which is what I did before.

I've just started trying the stretch and flex NHS podcasts on alternative days, or sometimes I go for a long walk.


Hi don't worry about being slow, I graduated way back in September and I am still like a tortoise but I am out there not on the couch . Do what Laura says and you will be fine good luck and let us know How you are doing. Pat .:-) Ps I do two over fifties exercise classes a week.


Another shuffler here, but I have just finished W4R3 and can definitely shuffle for longer than I used to and it's not as hard as it was. I get the impression that the programme aims to build up the basic stamina and that a bit of speed and style will come once this is in place. For me the progression in the programme has been good, if I do hit a run I can't manage I intend to repeat that week until I can. I also walk for half an hour most days and do yoga and core strength work most mornings. Once the clocks change I will be out doing archery 3 or 4 times a week, at the moment it's indoor season and I only get to shoot a couple of times a week. Keep shuffling, you're out there doing something positive!


Thank you fellow shufflers :)! It really is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment each run day. Congratulations to all of us for forging ahead.

Thank you for your responses, that's exactly what I needed!


Stega - I hope you're right about the style developing later - I'm sure mine hasn't appeared yet!


Yep ... I'm more of a 'staggerer' ... I'm on week 5 day 2. From reading around forums ... I have been reassured ... at least we're moving and doing more than we were before. Keep up th good work :-)


Don't worry, lots of us on here are shufflers. Just go with what you can manage at the moment. The programme builds you up gradually till you can run/jog/shuffle for 30 minutes. Once you have achieved that you can start building up speed.

It is fine, in fact helpful, if you can do other exercise on the rest days - walking, cycling, swimming or other things as mentioned above.

Well done for getting started and keep us posted on progress. As Laura says 'You can do it!'


Thank you all you shufflers for making me laugh! I am on week 2, and have just done run 2 -and part of it I shuffled!! I also slipped in the mud and fell over, and my dog thought it was great, someone's face to try and lick! Also, my legs sometimes feel like lead, I hope this goes in time.

I've also started the strength and flex thing, but after trying to lean on a telegraph post as there are no railings in our lane, and looking up and down the lane to make sure no-one is watching and wondering what this nutter is doing, I've decided I'll do it indoors and wear out the carpet.


You made me laugh, petal! (Not the bit about you falling over, of course. Trust you're ok.)

I did a walk today, on my rest day, and thought I'd try out some of the stretch and flex routines (the ones I could remember, as I didn't have the podcast with me). Arm stretches were ok, and I did do a bit of standing pressups against a fence-post, but my goodness I felt conspicuous! I could just imagine a policeman coming along with 'Ello, ello, what do we 'ave 'ere then?' Not that a policeman is too likely along the canal.

I think they'd be ok with someone else to look stupid with, but on my own, not so keen!


From a research point of view, it looks like a more shuffling style (quick light steps) may be easier on your joints, even in the long term. Sometimes it helps to have a running coach look at form to make sure arms are not crossing over or other technique issues that can be easily fixed. I do weight training & sometimes spin cycling class or rowing plus always walking on off days, excepting one day of rest each week. I find that helps my function (age 63.5), keeps me strong & fit, & promotes satisfaction with life in general!


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