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Just a few words to encourage newbies

I'm just like a greyhound, fast and sleek!!

I jog all the time but have to dig real deep

To find the strength to decrease my time

I'm proud of my achievements as I'm in my prime

I did it with the help of my friends at NHS

Without them I'd now be a terrible mess

I love to run, I can even travel quite far

I just use my feet now and not the car

Couch to 5K you have changed my life

Its been a journey without too much strife

So those who are struggling I say to you

If I can do it so can all of you too. :)

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well done you are good with the verse too.


love it :)


Brilliant :)


LOL :)


Thats so good , really enjoyed the verse.


That's awesome. Maybe you should put that in the forum's "feedback" so NHS sees it too?


Master of verse... And running. Way to go old girl


Love it, so true too


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