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W6R2 Blues

I think I just did my hardest run today. Two lots of 10 minutes. I knew it would be hard and paced myself, but it was just a slog. The first 5 minutes went really fast (maybe because I'd taken my GPS with me to see how far I was running and the silly thing would not latch onto a satellite and I kept checking it and willing it to work - but thats by the by) The second 5 mins were interminable and I actually slowed to a walk about 30 seconds before Laura told me to. Rap on the knuckles for me! Recovered while walking but the next 10 minutes were also really hard. Maybe its because its Monday. It often seems difficult after having the weekend off.

So I have the 25 min jog on Wednesday. Eeek!

I know, I know, trust the programme. I could hardly jog for 1 minute a few weeks ago and now I'm ready for 25 of them. Wow!!

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And speaking of are doing really well! You can be proud of're well on your way towards graduation.

Did your GPS finally find itself? Sometimes they have problems if you are under trees. When mine locked up a couple weeks ago Garmin suggested taking it out where there was a clear view of the sky and let it "locate". Something to do with different satellites being "in view" at different times....anyway, it worked, and I haven't had a problem since. I DO "start" mine well ahead of my runs, just to make sure it's ready to go when I am.

Good luck...enjoy!


Thank you Grammadog.

The GPS sorted itself just in time for the second run. I think the trouble was that I had been using it on holiday in the Outer Hebrides (yes I did two weeks worth of C25K there much to the bemusement of the local livestock) and it was having difficulty relocating to my home area.


I found the first 2 runs of week 6 really hard but strangely tonight ran w6r3 and found it easier. No more intervals for you, just straight runs. Well done. Ain't no stopping us now!


I found the w6 r1/2 very hard just intervals I think after running for 20 minutes but you got through and now its just running.

Well done


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