Couch to 5K

Day 1 week one

I'm 36, 16st and smoke 20 a day, but I have done it! My first run in probably 23 years. I'm proper f#ck@d & think one of my lungs has just fallen out my nose. My aim is to have another crack at it Tuesday, if I don't post again it may well be due to a heart attack. However right now I am feeling pretty pleased with myself & I'm off to finish off last nights Chinese.

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Brilliant post. Well done! Think you deserve that chinese, but gotta work it off on Tuesday! ;)

I think we all fell like we were dying on the first run (and the ones after that...) but you do notice yourself getting fitter and managing more (even though Laura then pushes you harder), but the pride is enough to spur you on!

Keep it up and hopefully we'll hear from you again soon, assuming you don't lose more organs through your nose!


Well done. keep at it and you will soon the benefits.


ROTFL @ your post! PLEASE keep posting as you progress.....

Good job you ... you're off the couch and running!



Good man, by 37 you will be fighting fit and feeling 20 years younger. Keep it up!


Haha, you make this sound funny, but I can tell you got a real buzz out of the running. This is much better getting your high from running than nicotine so go you. Keep us informed of your progress. Well done


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