Couch to 5K

Happier now !

Following my previous blog post, where I was having a confidence crisis following having to give up on a run earlier this week and then having only managed a very short run, I'd promised myself I could do better today.

The supportive comments in response to my previous blog were much appreciated and gave me a bit of a boost today.

I plotted a route of about 9km, knowing there were a couple of points where I could turn back early if I needed to. I was familiar with most of the route, through driving or motorcycling but had never walked or run large parts of it. All I really wanted to do was see what I could manage.

It was raining when I set off so I wore my running jacket but soon regretted it as I was far too hot. I tried to zip off the sleeves while on the run but ended up tying myself in knots and one of the zips got stuck. This meant an enforced stop for a minute or two to sort myself out and that made me feel hot and bothered again. Most of the first stretch was uphill and I did have to walk a little.

I was looking forward to running along Hem Lane (renamed Hemp lane by someone with a marker pen!) which is a pretty, rural lane. I had to stop to take photos of a rainbow - the last club run I was on felt like we were chasing rainbows so I wanted to share the experience this time - but after that I set myself the target of not pausing again or walking until I reached the main road. I managed to achieve that. What I hadn't realised, having only ever driven or ridden along the main road, was that there were no pavements. The grass verge was far too rough and bumpy to run on and the road was too busy for me to want to take the chance of running there. I had to accept an enforced walk - although the ground was so bumpy that I was having to lift my knees right up so it was probably still quite good exercise. Once I got to a quieter road, I again set myself the challenge of running all the way to the next main road. Again, I managed that but was then back to rough, bumpy grass verges. I finished with an uphill stretch home, with a bit of a wade through a small flood across the footpath.

I got rather wet and muddy and my newly washed running shoes need another wash ! I wasn't quick but I still felt pleased with myself. I looked good too with all the bugs stuck to my damply glowing face ;-)

It's given me enough of a confidence boost to stop me worrying that I'll fail again at running club and I feel I've proved to myself that it won't take too long before I feel ready for a 10k.

Thanks for all the support on here, it really is invaluable !

Happy again ! :-) :-) :-)

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Glad to hear you had a better day today. Looked at your stats and I'd be happy with them!!! You are so nearly at 10k i'm sure it will come in the next few weeks.

I haven't run since Tuesday as not well Thur / Fri and thought I'd give myself an extra day off today to make sure was better. I'm planning 5k tomorrow but will see how I get on.

You are so right the people on this site are great aren't they? Helps us through the tough times and celebrates with us when it goes well / milestones reached. :)


Yes, the support is fantastic. I think most people here understand moments of self-doubt and instinctively know how to give you an appropriate kick up the arse when it's needed.

Good luck tomorrow, I'm sure you'll be fine.


Well done sfb350. Glad you are feeling happier.

Ali - hope the 5k goes OK today.

Agree about the forum. Usually you tend to get some really nasty remarks/comments but not here. People are really helpful and the whole site is a great source of information and inspiration.


Yes, some forums can get nasty - thankfully this one is completely different !


Brilliant post, well done x


Thank you !


Good to see your confidence and mojo is back. Hard to envisage when you are despairing after a crap run... But a new day brings a new run. Love how you allude to your 'damply glowing' face. I did a quick 5k on Sunday morning and when I got home my 7 year old asked 'why is your face so red mummy?'. Brings you down a peg or two! (I must say I wanted to reply 'because I got off my butt and went for a run unlike your other parent who prefers to recline'... But I held my tongue). Sigh...


What a good read, glad to hear you are back on track again! It's horrible when you think you've failed but you've proved you aren't a failure, I still struggle with 5k so well done :)


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