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W3R?? - Running solo!

Iffy knee is now fully functional again thank goodness.My running buddy is on holiday so I said I'd repeat W3 runs until her return and then we could move on to Week 4 together. However, when I went out yesterday I followed the plan to start with but didn't feel ready to stop running after the first three minute run so carried on and ran until the end of the 3 minute walk - 6 whole minutes running!!!! - then walked for 3 minutes and ended with the final 3 minutes running. Felt good afterwards - bring on Week 4!!

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Some people might shout me down when I say this but anyway "I think (only my opinion mind) that a programme like C25K is probably better done as a lone runner" Only because no two people are going to progress at the same pace and you may end up either pushing yourself too hard or holding yourself back for your running buddy's sake. There of course will be nothing to stop you joining up once you have completed the C25K it would be interesting to see who could do the best time etc then too.

No matter what you decide to do just keep on enjoying it as thats what its all about. Good luck to both of you.

I speak as a lone runner by the way but I guess thats perhaps obvious :)


I'm with you, oldgirl. I didn't have a "player", so I've not even had Laura's kind words of encouragement along the way. It WOULD be nice to have company once in a while, if only to share wry smiles (grimaces?)


Good going, avagomo! Glad to hear the knee is getting better...


Thanks 'oldgirl' and 'grammadog'. I appreciate your comments and encouragement! When we run we synchronise our i-pods and listen to Laura but I'm certain that once or twice if we hadn't been together I may not have run the full time as instructed. Also, when we finish each week we give each other a pat on the back - couldn't do that on my own!! Just found a 5k event not far from us in September so we are making that our goal - mad or what?!


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