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W4 R3.....well sort of!

Did another w4 run today, so 3 in total, but my last one was 10 days ago. No -that is not as bad as it sounds, as i have completed a couple of w3 runs inbetween, due to knee/hip issues.

So considering all that, and even if i say so myself....i breezed through this run! :) it was a very slow breezing...but i will take what i can get!

So what to do next? Another w4 run oooor...bit the bullet and go for w5?

My current thinking is if my knee/hip behaves i might just do it!

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Yes - you go for it! You seem very prepared for W5. I hope you get your hips/knees sorted. Could your footwear be to blame?

Good luck and keep the slow breeze up! :)


Go for 5, you'll be fine! :-)


Go for week 5!

I'm a big fan of just going for it, even when I have bad runs. I chock them up to a bad day and try the next to see how it goes. :)


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