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Week 9 run 3

It's arrived, yes folks this is my week 9 run 3 blog.

Well people, I did it but instead of 5k. I did 7.24k or in plain English 4.5 miles. I have completed couch to 5k and am now completely hooked. I sm enjoying my runs and am slowly increasing my distance. Next week I go from 4.5 miles to 5 miles and will also increase sit ups to 120 and before anyone comments, yes I am doing them slowly and correctly. No one should be able to or shouldn't do 120 sit ups after running 5 miles.

Now that I have completed c25k it's time for my reward, a chocolate covered doughnut covered in chocolate sprinkles. I have looked forward to this all week,(I am trying to convince people it's health food but no one believes me, lol).

And before anyone feels necessary to comment about healthy eating, this following comment is for you, (YOU CAN BEND OVER AND KISS MY ASS).

I have ran 4.5 miles and done 105 sit ups, I have earned this treat.

For all those yet to complete c25k, keep at guys and girls. Honestly it's worth it, plus it doesnt hurt to set a goal.

As forementioned for completing week 9 run 3, 1 chocolate covered doughnut I get another one when I can run 10k, 3 times a week.

So have fun people.

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lol...THAT'S right! You DO deserve it! How unbearably ugly life would be without "treats"....go for it.

Best of luck to you in your future running and fitness endeavors, mikey...don't stay away! (the new 10k programme is supposed to be out first part of July, anyway)



Awesome! Well done. You deserve your doughnut!


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