Couch to 5K

I did it, I completed c25k


I apologise for not updating recently, but thought this should be said. This morning, I was able to do the 30 minute run :D Although I ended up walking for a minute after about 20 minutes, I stuck it through and I finished the run :D So I can officially say that I am a graduate :D

I have my charity run on Wednesday, so going to get 2 more runs in before that. But overall I am so happy! Thanks for everyone that supported me, and for anyone starting the program, it can be done! Have faith and the support of others will make it easier :D

Have a good day everyone :D

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Congratulations, cp! Good work on completing the IS an excellent way to get into a life of running and fitness. Keep up the good work, and good luck in your charity run!

(you may want to message jr21 that you have completed)


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