Couch to 5K

Good heavens, I did it! W6R3!

...and I owe big thanks to AliB1 for the encouraging answer to my question last night! I was out there at 6.30 this morning and it really wasn't too bad - bizarre that I found it such hard work on Wednesday.

As suggested, I took it v-e-r-y slowly and paced myself, and couldn't believe it when I could even run faster for the last 60 seconds (the heavy breathing causing some alarm to passers by...). Just hoping the tomato face calms down before heading out to a meeting.

I'm really beginning to believe I might be able to finish the plan and win my 'graduate' badge! Then the task will be to improve my speed - I suspect I'm hardly running any distance at all.

CaroleC and Grammadog1947 - your encouraging answers are much appreciated too!

Thank you to everyone in the community for the blogs and questions - it makes a huge difference reading other people's experiences.


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Well done you!! Can you believe how much progress you've made in the last 6 weeks? You can now run for 25 minutes!! Brilliant :D

This program really is the bees knees ;)


Nice one - well done! :-)


:) So glad it went well.

I think my breathing alarms other people / runners too but from my experience at park runs even the really fast runners (the ones doing it in under 18 mins) make alot of noise as the breathe (hear this as i get lapped!!)


Well done, I'm glad it worked out for you after your last "bad" run. How many times have we heard that one, that there's always going to be good runs and bad ones? I'm encouraged by you because I've got to do W6R3 tomorrow morning. I'm half excited and half worried, as usual! Thank goodness it's cooler now. See you in week 7!!!!!!


I'm very glad this run went well for you, River!

It's really all so overwhelming at this stage, and it's very easy to waffle about and talk ourselves out of it. That's when coming here and being among friends who understand EXACTLY what you are going through helps.

Keep up the good work...and continued success!


Thank you all! W7 starts Monday! Rosey21, I'm right behind you!


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