I DID IT!!!! W6R3 - in shock!!!!

I still can't believe I did it!!!! The first 5 mins I thought oh no I'm not gonna be able to do 20 more.... But..... I DID ..... And I don't feel like I've been beaten up either! Bonus!!!!! The music kicked in this time.... Last run I did it all listening to one song (Gorillas) I didn't stop it in case it stopped the podcast ... I never want to hear it again xx


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  • Thanks Kitty..... I think I know every word it that bloody sing now ... Chuckle!!!! Lotsa luck to you too xxxx

  • I did mine yesterday too. I really didn't think I'd do it, I just kept telling myself I'd do 5 minutes more then, when it was just 5 minutes remaining, I thought well I can't give up now.

  • Well done flower!!!!! You did it!!!... We did it xxxx

  • Fantastic, well done.

    It's a great feeling when it all just drops into place, and you realise that you can actually do it.

  • Still in shock Nerdio!!!! But one hell of a grin xxxx

  • Well done you! I had to have 2 goes at it. I had been using just the Active.com App, not the nhs podcasts. The App is good for GPS tracking and logging your progress, but the American Laura must be paid by the word, as other than walk-to-run changes, she only speaks a couple of times. Now the runs are longer and I needed more encouragement. I downloaded the nhs podcasts and run them concurrently (nhs as playlist via the App). English Laura is far more vocal and it amuses me listening to both accents cutting in.

  • Ooooo I love the American accent, perhaps I should download that too!!!! I agree the words of encouragement are really necessary!!! I found the music was great for drowning out my crappy breathing..... Still need to sort that out xxx

  • Absolutely well done - I knew you could do it. I bet you're over the moon now that you have officially been declared a Runner. Still, you put in the work and trained up to it so your success is well deserved. Good luck with the start of week 7. Still treat it with respect because, as Laura says at the start of the week 7 podcasts, the runs can be a bit relentless now. All the very best.

  • Thank you so much Fitmo!!!! I'm still in shock ... It'll take a lot to stop this grin today xxx

  • Well done matey, another epic run under the belt. 18 down and 9 to go. Go us!!! xx

  • Wooohooooooo we rock !!!! Bring on Week 7 xx

  • Congratulation on completing wk6 ang good luck going into wk7. I finish wk 6 on Friday so heres hoping it goes well

  • Good luck for Friday!!!! Thank you xxxx

  • Well done! That's brilliant. I got to this run and had to stop after 15 mins. Tried not to be too disheartened. Had a week off after that due to illness, which may have explained it. I've started back at week 5 and did run 2 today. Thought it safer to build back up to it. Lovely to read your entry though, keeps me motivated. I want to complete this! Even if it takes me months and I keep repeating the weeks, it's ok. I'm only in competition with myself!! Well done JustLisa

  • Don't be disheartened look how far you've come already!!! I'll be looking at your progress now xxx keep going.... You can do!!!! We can do it xxxx

  • I found this run great too- even opened up on the last minute and ran on full steam for an extra 2 mins (it was on a downward incline which helped! A lot!) felt amazing! I'm seeing a pattern that the longer runs are easier somehow, got to road test my new trainers today too so that may have added an extra pep to my step. (Got a gorgeous frock for an upcoming wedding on the same shopping trip, but it's the trainers I most excited about, think I'm officially obsessed!!) roll on.....WEEK 7! :O

  • Wayyheyyy new trainers!! I know what you mean ... I think I'm obsessed too! I'm looking at arm bands now to hold my iPhone. You've more than earned the dress too after all the hard work xxx roll on weeks 7 & 8 & 9 we are ready for you x

  • I just did it too. And in very similar fashion "Can't (WILL) Can't (WILL) half-way - "Can I?" Last Five Minutes - Can't give up now!! I even accepted the challenge to ru a little faster in the last sixty seconds!

    Oh - and at about 17 mins I passed a snail, and found myself thinking of Want2run2 and her duck. Decided at least I was running faster than the snail, then started taking into account our various sizes and wondered if he was the Mo Farah of snails - by the time I'd finished all this mental meandering, Laura was telling me I only had five minutes to go. Thank you snail - and Laura, of course....

  • Fantastic well done Runningphobe!

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