Couch to 5K

Week 9 run 1

Well I have nearly graduated 2 runs to go. Tonight I did my brisk 5 min walk then ran for 5.14km in 31mins 50 secs then a 7 min brisk walk home. Boy am I chuffed with myself, what an accomplishment both on a physical and mental level. I have stayed off the fags 3 weeks tomorrow, the down side I have put on a stone in weight however I feel a few pound of that is I kidding myself on. Not to be put off I joined slimming world yesterday, hence the reason I know that I put on a stone, and I am confident that i will shed it within 6 weeks at the latest, watch this space..............the sweat is running down my face as i write so i feel its time to have a shower, here's to graduating, my 5km run for cancer research, my next challenge of 10k training and my 10k race in september, boy life begins at 50!! :)

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WOW! you really are inspirational!, it's great to read of achievements such as yours! And, don't put yourself down - of course a few pound of that weight is muscle! I am really looking forward to reading your post when you have graduated! Good luck with your 5km run and your 10k race in September.


Thanks for your kind words these blogs are fab, we are all in the same boat :)


The weight thing...I'm not losing any either...but my bod' seems to be re-arranging (see my post from Tuesday).

You are running really well...keep up the good work and enjoy!


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