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W6R1 Defeated!!

I've defeated W6R1, finally, and I'm so proud. I've got to this point before when I started C25K for the first time & failed this particular run in a spectacular fashion which left me so downhearted after the glory of W5R3. It turned out my failure at this particular week was due to an ENT infection, the triple whammy. It took me ages to get back into running and I lost all enthusiasm for it but 5-6 weeks ago I looked at my abandoned running shoes and decided to start again. I would be lying if I said every run was easy but I've enjoyed pushing myself and progressing each week. W5R3 was great but today was my nemesis - this is where I failed before and I was worried I would fail again, silly I know. So today I finished work a little earlier, put on my running gear, got the dog and went for it and I'm pleased I did except it was really hard because of the humidity and air pressure. I'm not making excuses but it was hard to get a breath. Anyone else felt like that today?? Anyway got home just in time as ten minutes later the heavens opened and we had a flood, hailstone, thunder & lightning. It's great to run in the summer *smiles*.

So I've broken my own 'wall' and I'm optimistic for W6R2. Bring it on!!

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Woo hoo, well done! It's still very hot here. I'm doing w6r1 tonight, as late as possible to let the heat die down. You have conquered you demon.


Good luck for the run - the weather isn't on our side but if we can do it now we can certainly do it anytime!!


I did the same run today and I definitely struggled with the weather (obviously had to pick the hottest, most humid part of the day to do mine as well, doh!)


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