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Defeated/deflated. 😒

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I sprained my ankle last week and I was doing so well on week 4 run 3 and starting to really look forward to a run - I haven’t even been able to weight bear since last Saturday. Being alone and not even being able to run/walk and get that fresh air in lockdown is hard! GP recommends 8 weeks of no running too... argh! 🥺 Guessing it’ll be back to square one of C25K when I’m fit and able.

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That is tough.

Ankles, because of relatively poor blood supply, can take a long time to heal. When you are out of pain check with your GP whether it is okay to cycle, as that improves blood supply and keeps the joint mobile without loading or impact. When you can, strengthening exercises will be beneficial.

Take care.

Thank you, it's just the one that's been the big problem, thank goodness my other one is okay because I've been using that leg to weight bear - feel like a right numpty hobbling around the supermarkets. I will do thanks, I'm just trying to do some gentle exercises like slowly rotating my ankle. Hopefully I can go for a walk in a few weeks!

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OUCH!! That is so hard ! But... ( there's always a but, says Rachel, in Friends)... all is not lost.

Good news is... the runs wait and many, many of us have had to go back to the start, including me.

Currently I am about to do C25 K ( on Week 1 Run 3) , for the umpteenth time. We do it after injury usually, but not always:) The longest time I was unable to run was 12 weeks!

Next bit of good news... when you feel a tad more up for it...loads of exercises you can do, non load bearing and even for one leg!

Incidentally I just watched a chair exercise on BBC Breakfast ( Mr Motivator and wife... ) A blast from the past for me... ( I am ancient)!

But there is so much there. and Bodyfit with Amy ( You Tube) a real favourite of mine does many short chair routines . Just type in Bodyfit with Amy Chair exercises.


It is important to keep your body moving and it helps physically and mentally.

Now, the really good bit...

We are here. Just because you cannot run does not mean you cannot post... when you do start your exercise, maybe post about them on here or on the Strength and Flex forum this will help you and US!

At this moment in time we all need each other and we can all support each other.

As long as you are okay for all your daily needs... you can get through this...take it slow and steady and know you are not alone:) x

Ahh I can always relate to a good old Friends quote. How did you judge it on being okay to run again? It's only been a week for me, seems like it'll be a long slog until I can.

They're such lovely words and I really appreciate your kindness - thank you.

I know, it's so hard because there's so many people a million times worse off at the moment and I'm normally a really positive person and a great agony aunt, but for some reason when you feel low you don't take your own advice do you!

Same goes to you, if you ever need anything I'm here. Thank you again for taking the time to reply and I'll check out that video. X

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Ellesbelles5943

I love Friends! It is hard and yes, there are folks suffering mor or less, but we do have to remember that we are important to. I give great advice here... ( or so I am told) but was soooooo guilty of not taking it... and had a real blip in October which has sent me back to the beginning:)You simply have to be patient... really hard I know and harder now than in summer with lovely days of sunshine, and no Pandemic! Take the advice from your GP...but if a few weeks in you feel definite improvement, can do some simple exercise for the ankle... I I posted some on Strength and Flex, then take it from there. Just do not be in too much of a hurry.... that would mean a longer bout on the IC !

It is good to chat and to know we are family here... warts and all :) x

Oh no that's rubbish. Rest up and wishing you a speedy recovery 🤕

I know right! Thank you! x

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Sorry to hear about your ankle Ellesbelles5943, that’s really annoying and frustrating for you. Maybe when you feel up to it you could focus on some core strength exercises in readiness for when you can run again, there’ll be lots on You Tube. You probably won’t need to go right back to the beginning of C25k just go back a week or two and see how you get on. Hope you feel better soon.

Thank you, it really is but it's just one of those things I guess. I've just started studying for a degree but it's all online and the minute and a lot of sitting around which I'm not used to at all! Just wanting some good old fresh air and a long walk to clear my head, but patience is a virtue right. Hopefully I won't and thank you.

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Take it easy and take your time. I mean, look at the weather outside, who wants to be out there running, eh? I was in your position but I didn't take it easy and didn't take my time. As a result of two injuries (knee, then ankle), I spent just over 5 months on the sidelines, combined. My faults entirely. Once you heal, come back and take it from scratch. Nice and easy. No need to repeat what I did.

I will do, it's hard not being able to do much - I was running in all weathers and was starting to enjoy it! Now it's hard because I can't even walk. Oh no!! Definitely don't want that to happen, how long did you wait before running?

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mrrunGraduate in reply to Ellesbelles5943

2 months knee, 3 months ankle. Avoidable injuries.

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I sprained my ankle on my W9R3 run, then spent much of September with no running at all.

Take it easy for a couple of weeks.

Do some short gentle walks on it when it starts to feel normal again. Do the exercises that are recommended to you by your GP. A physio may be able to help, too.

Be careful when driving, as using the pedals can put the foot in unnatural positions.

Oh no I feel your pain! It's slowly, very slowly feeling better but still just trying to rest it for now and hoping that in a few weeks I will be able to do some walking. I've only driven to my local supermarket which is about 1 minute in the car for the essentials - just trying to keep off it as much as possible. Thank you for your advice. 😊

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