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Week 7 Run 2 then Arrrrggghhhh!! My Back!!!

This morning I was determined to figure out exactly how far I was running in 25mins. It was probably this fact as well as the fact that I felt quite good running the last (faster) minute on Monday's run that made me run with a slightly longer stride than I have of late. I'm sure I was faster than on Monday (although I don't know how far I got on Monday so I can't prove it!) and I concentrated on counting the laps round the 450m park path. When I got to 7 I found myself hoping that I had enough more than a minute that I could make it 8 laps. When I got to the last 60s I picked up the speed again. The path is marked in 50m intervals so I am able to determine that I ran a total of 3.65K in 25mins. I'm pretty pleased with that as I want a sub-40min time for my 5K Race for Life on Sunday. If I can run at that pace I should come in in very slightly under 35min. If.

Anyway, I walked home again and drank lots of water and started preparing my breakfast (cheese and mushroom omelette, since you ask). I was wandering round the kitchen chatting to my husband when suddenly the muscles in my lower back seized. It was excruciating and I could hardly move. In fact, I think I stopped talking in mid-flow as I made some audible signal of the pain I was in. It eased and then seized again. I had to get my husband to carry my breakfast through to the dining room as I didn't think I could get both it and me safely through.

Pleased to say that a hot shower seems to have done the trick and it hasn't seized on me again. Has anyone else had similar problems? I'm sort of hoping that the timing was a coincidence...

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I get this regularly after the runs. I find that if I keep moving it is fine. I also found that if I put my trainers back on (I overpronate badly with my right foot) this helps a lot. I am hoping as my core muscles strengthen tis will help ...


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