Couch to 5K

Week 7, Day 1. I obviously prefer the rain!

I didn't go as far as the same run on Friday (half a km less), but I did finish with a little left in the tank as I have a feeling that this week will be tough.

Travelling further in the rain last week is a little encouraging as come the winter, it won't put me off going out.

Only 7 runs left until graduation! Now where's that cap & gown........?

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We're at the same stage. I did my first run of week 7 this morning. Do you run every other day or do you do 3 runs a week? We might be graduating at the same time.


I do Monday, Wednesday and Friday as a rule - and I've even been able to fit in a round of golf or two throughout the week too!

I find having the 2 day break on Saturday and Sunday is a real luxury and helps my legs to recover.

I hope to be running 3 x 5k's a week after a graduate, so if I stay in the same routine, I think I could improve as much as I have done throughout the plan so far.


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