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One Week Left! I think

Have not enjoyed week 8 - but not cos of the Julie song lol, that's been my fave, has just the right rhythm & drive for my running pace, so ner ;)

So, week 9 starts on Tuesday, normally run Tue/Thur/Sat, but having a rare night out next Saturday, so providing I don't die during the first 2, I will be out doing my graduation run this time next week! It felt such along way away when I started, but 3 runs feels like it's not enough now :(

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Hopefully I too will have graduated next Saturday so we can have a party weekend. I never thought I would get this far a believe 110% in this programme.

Good luch next week.


Good news is that Julie is back in week 9! It has got to be the most addictive song ever. Its going round in my head again now arghhhhhhhhh


I have never heard the Julie song as I left Laura on W7 :o This time next week you will be a graduate - and probably one with a hangover ;) if you are having a rare night out! I wish you well.


I just finished run 3 week 8 tonite and it has not been a pleasant week. Almost there and lets plan a virtual party next Sunday!!!


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