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Hello peeps,

It's a bit quiet at work today, and therefore have spare time on my hand (aka i'm bored ;) ). So what did I decided to do??.....Go through all my run programs and calculate the total km I have run since I started the C25K program. I couldn't believe it... OMG! I already have 125km under my belt.

This got me thinking about Total Running Distances and a question to all out there "How many km/mile's do you think you have covered in total over time"?


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  • Runkeeper keeps count for you so since I started using it in Sept 2013 it has clocked up 1,782km for me! Hard to imagine.

  • Wow, that's a lot of running! Well done you, has that surprised you?

  • So far over 770 km and runkeeper hasn't recorded them all plus out for 4-5months with an injury that is over 16 months

    Aiming for 750 this year from Jan

  • Pretty good going there Slow_Rob. That's a long time to be out with an injury, hope you are all good now.

  • All good now thanks Saul :) I have very different approach now take things much slower and allow myself time to recover :)

    To be honest I went at it a bit bonkers hence the injury , would I have done it any different , nope lol but you live and learn and I am in this for long term :)

  • I can understand where you are coming from. You have this Rocky Balboa feeling in your body!...... "yo Adrian"!!

  • Not really sure as I have used different methods to record them but I think it's about 1,000 KM. Not yet 2 years since I started...

  • Nice going Curlygurly.

  • I started off quite slowly, running twice a week, and it took a while to get my distance up. I do between 22 - 32 KM a week now running every other day, so sometimes 3 times a week, sometimes 4. That said, I am having an extra day off this week, I ran 13 KM on Tuesday, my furthest non stop run. My legs hurt now!

    BTW, there's a nice app called Smashrun that crunches all the data for you if you have a Garmin or similar.

  • 13k, well done you! Must have missed that On GC. Really good going ๐Ÿ˜€ xx

  • Thanks for the link. 13K, that deserves a medal itself!

  • 831 since last april.

    I'm well on target for 1000km this year

  • Well done, hadn't really thought about a years target.

  • I bought my Garmin FR15 after graduating C25K at the end of Oct 2014, so all runs are logged from then onwards.

    2014 Nov - Dec : 179 km

    2015 Jan - Dec : 924 km - Sporadic between april and Nov due to ankle injury.

    2016 jan - Now : 174 km - happily running consistantly 3 times per week since Nov 2015.

    So grand total of 1277 since graduating C25K end of oct 2014.

    I've really taken it steady since Nov 2015 in the hope that I can be injury free during 2016.

  • Nice set of figures there, inspiring!

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